A Different Approach To KOL Profiling

Some companies think of Key Opinion Leader Profiling as simply a Google/PubMed search presented in a pretty format. Affiliations, number of publications, memberships – all the usual stuff.

Others harvest Resumes/CVs of Key Opinion Leaders on an industrial scale, often taken simply from publically available sources, and then convert them into a formal “KOL Profile".

Our approach to KOL profiling (and to Key Opinion Leaders themselves) is different.

Every step – from researching the raw information to presenting the final insights – has been engineered to maximise the value and utility of what a KOL Profile should be.

The end result is KOL Profiles that give you not just information, but a wealth of analytics and insights customised to your exact needs.

That's why our Key Opinion Leader Profiling is unmatched by anyone else.