Customised KOL Profiles

Many vendors offer a "standard KOL Profile", no variations, no deviations.

But we know from experience that KOL Profiles are not a "one size fits all" game. The information and insights you want to see in a Key Opinion Leader Profile is dependent on a number of factors, including what's most important to you going forwards in terms of engagement and scientific collaboration.

That's why our Key Opinion Leader Profile content is created & customised to match your needs.

From KOL Profile content that's created in conjunction with the KOL themselves to be the most transparent and accurate view possible, to subject-specific content analytics that reflects the positioning and messages of your specific product – our KOL profiling takes all this into account.

We also offer a variety of delivery platforms & styles to suit your exact needs – from comprehensive interactive KOL Profiles covering over 150 metrics & attributes, to succinct, beautifully written biographies that give you an instant, relevant summary.